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    Chris Michaels

    Today is the beginning of a series of posts inspired by mindfulness. Every Monday on Facebook we will offer a mindful exercise, tip or quote. Please feel free to share comments or photos below. #mindfulmonday The mindful question of the day: What calls you into the present moment? ... See MoreSee Less

    2 days ago

    Gracie HarrisonGratitude.2 days ago

    Beth SarverBreathing deeply with Mala beads in hand. Placing my hand on my heart, feeling my pulse.2 days ago

    Tamara HauzeI wish I could say "noticing I'm not present" but that is the practice. Nice photo!2 days ago

    Chris MichaelsPhoto taken in South Korea.2 days ago

    Marcia JacksonA bird singing, the trees blowing in the breeze, petting my dog, the shape of a cloud.....2 days ago

    Donna J MillerMy dog and two cats11 hours ago

    John ParkerChris, Thanks for adding me to your list of contacts! Glad to have your message any day of the week! Keep them coming! Best to you Always!13 hours ago

    Lorna DempsterWaking up knowing I will have an opportunity to make a difference today.1 day ago

    Angie Fishernature1 day ago

    Barbara HackelBreathe2 days ago

    Patricia MoscatelloHaving Faith and staying in the moment2 days ago

    Jeffrey Dunnmusic2 days ago

    Lynn Glaeser TurnerSitting my car with the windows down enjoying the breeze or a walk in the park.2 days ago

    Joseph SatterfieldMindfulness I love it! Thank you Chris , today is born to my eldest son his new son , waiting for him to arrive out in California we are lucky my dad is 93 then me 60 my son 38 and the newest boy Satterfield ? Four generations The circle of Life !! Feeling Joy Gratefulness of being present to this day and moment , the hope and possibilities are so ripe and clear, and "So It Is "2 days ago

    Mel WhiteMy Shih Tzus are very good teachers in this respect. That's where they live and they have taught me how to be there and enjoy a perfect moment of sunlight or snuggle time or just rest together for a minute.2 days ago

    Kay MillerThe ocean...both visually and listening to it!2 days ago

    Raymont AndersonConscious choice to be awake and aware in the mkm moment. .. Consciously conscious.2 days ago

    Christina HaasJust now it was looking deeply into my son's eyes - seeing him and letting go of my agenda for and about him.2 days ago

    Maggie SheehanMy breathing.2 days ago

    Marcy JoyceObserving without judging.2 days ago

    Jacqueline SwanLisening to fan2 days ago

    D Rashaan GilmoreReceived & read. Looking forward to future installments of Mindful Mondays. Thanks, Chris!2 days ago

    Kayti Doolittle #mindfulmonday2 days ago

    Linda OvertonNature5 hours ago

    Chris Michaels

    #SoulSunday Soul Sunday is a new vibe. My goal is to connect you with your Higher Power. Check out my poet friend, Joel Brown’s piece Warm Rain, creator of Souletry a new blend of poetry and soul. For more resources visit us at: ... See MoreSee Less

    Spoken word in titles, voice over and sound effects

    3 days ago

    Spoken word in titles, voice over and sound effects
    Chris Michaels

    I am responsible for the quality of my own life because I am in charge of what I think. - Dr. Chris Michaels ... See MoreSee Less

    5 days ago

    Lindsey WilliamsThanks for this reminder :-)5 days ago